Why Mano dienynas?

   You can access "Mano dienynas", connect to your friends and use your data from any part of the world.

  "Mano dienynas" satisfies all modern web security standards, so you can trust all your data to us.

  Anyone who has basic knowledge working with computers and email can start using "Mano dienynas".

  Internal "Mano dienynas" system already operates in three languages ​​- Lithuanian, Russian and English.

  Use "Mano dienynas" from any location using the mobile app.

  You can easily communicate with people from the school community.

  Cloud technology allows you to attach and view files stored in the system from any place once you login.

  In case of system technical issues or other questions, you will always be given a quick help.

  Each member has the ability to create and edit his contact groups and write messages to the group(s) selected.

  You will experience a convenient communication even with large member groups.

  Each sender is able to see how many people have already read the message.

  Plain and precise schedule will not confuse your day agenda.

  Parents see all the needed precise information about their child in one system.

  Parents are able to compare the grades of their child with the grades of the classmates.

  All class and home works are seen in one list, you need only to select  the time period.

  The dates of the future tests are listed clearly so it is impossible to miss this information.

  All the average grades are calculated automatically and presented in one table.

  While viewing the averages calculated, all the  period grades are provided near by.

  Notebook function lets you to mark all needfull information or make a note on your daily works.

  Holiday schedule is visible to all the users will let you plan your school year activities.
  School staff can create surveys and assign the certain groups to fill them.

  All system users are able to participate in surveys created by school administration or teachers.

  Electronic message with a new teacher remark about child is immediately sent to the parents.

  Grades of the day are sent in email to parents every evening.

  Teachers can assign learning programs for each student.

  Educational plans are submitted in the system with possibility to edit them.

  School supervisors can see all the data of teachers activity and schedules.

  The privacy of user data is guaranteed for everyone.

  School staff is able to see the last login time of the parents.

  Class supervisors can justify the students missed lessons.

  Once the missed lessons are justified, this is immediately seen to the teachers.

  All users can see the orders of school supervisor if they are set for them.

  Existing and new users can be given different rights to access the system.

  Number of teaching subjects is not limited.

  School supervisors can limit a number of tests per day.

  Possibility to edit grade types and create new.

  Each class can see the dates of its semesters/ trimesters.

  Automatic generation of selected reports.

  Possible to assign additional class supervisors to each class.

  School administration can comfortably monitor teacher diaries in one place.

  All changes in schedule are visible.

  School object rent management in the same system.

  School supervisors can see the exact school attendance of the selected period.

  Easy reports generation on different selected criteria.  

  To each user is provided a detailed system guide.

  "Mano dienynas" can be adapted to each educational institution individually based on its needs and requests.

  We can transform your school to a "Secure e-School” by integrating "Mano dienynas" with other convenience and safety means:  access control, canteen, library, video cameras, city cards, etc.

  Our community keeps on growing and expanding.

  You are important to us! We care about your opinion and grow according to your needs.

  "Mano dienynas" is a daily educational tool to any kind of user.