Each school can try our electronic diary “Mano dienynas“ for free. The trial period depends on the needs of each institution.
Institutions that decide to use “Mano dienynas“ constantly, can choose one of the payment options:

1.  Monthly fee for the basic services (any number of students)
   School administrators and teachers can use all the functions of e-diary, system upgrades and maintenance. Parents, guardians and students get the standard grade book functions.
   To use the additional functions, parents can order the rest of "Mano dienynas" services by paying a Family fee. The fee is not mandatory. Family may use additional e-diary functions for the rest of the school year: ability to write reports, get information about the students' ratings, school holidays, tests, receive e-mail messages, see all the files uploaded by institution staff.
2.  Monthly full-services fee
The fee size depends on the number of educational institution member.